post guidelines

Preview, we like the game for some reason, enough to give our hard earned paper route money for it. We like games based on theme, components, game play description, or maybe it fills a hole in our collection.

Review, now that the item has arrived, we rip into it like staving children.  We play the game over and over until someone yells “uncle”, and then one more time. (evil laugh)

Our rating is based from A-U, like the grades you got in school with U being Unsatisfactory. We give just one overall grade, at the moment anyway.

We post ALWAYS on Fridays.  We sometimes post on Wednesdays AND Fridays because we have something hot and we don’t want to wait another week.

Can’t blame us for that can you?

Green means the campaign is still going on, click to go to the backers page.

Orange means the campaign is over, but the publisher is taking pre-orders which ship soon after the game ships to backers.

Blue means we have a link skipping Kickstarter that goes directly to a publisher order page.

Grey means that there is no pre-order for this game, but follow the progress as it’s developed and order it when it’s published.

Red means the project was cancelled and the campaign stopped or the campaign did not reach it’s funding goal by the deadline.  It can be for any number of reasons, but it does happen.