Preview: SECTOR 6: compete today, breathe tomorrow!

A fast-paced game where the most skillful in claiming oxygen points and altering the labyrinth will survive the stellar prison of Sector 6.

Breath, they tell us that all the time… just, breath. Sounds easy… but in Sector 6, it just aint.

(inhale) This game is small, which really only means that it doesn’t require a ping-pong size table to play it.  But it has a big concept, and a multi-layers strategy. It plays BIG. (exhale) Like most games of this depth level and size, art is not the focus. The tiles themselves are as pretty as they can be, but are more functional that pretty. The minutes are cool looking, come in 4 colors, and serve their function well. (inhale) I like that one of the stretch goals was to add a new female figure, I saw WAS because it has already been met.  As a matter of fact, this campaign was funded in a very short time. That should be a hint to you. (exhale)

(inhale) You are a prisoner in a prison (edit: duh), where commodities are scares, including breathable air. You must run the labyrinth, picking up canisters of air.  Those that breath, live, to run or fight, another day. (exhale)  The game has two phases, the build phase that creates the play area, and then the play area where players enter the board and play the game.  (inhale) There are two interesting twists, players must run only in a straight line. You can’t turn a corner. The second twist is that you can rotate, OR pick up a air canister from the hex you LEFT. Usually, or I should say that I’d expect, to have an affect on the hex that is my destination or along the path.  But in Sector 6, it’s where you came from that can be changed.  And that has huge strategy implications. (exhale) You can really mess up the other players by turning a hex so they can’t reach it.  And that’s just my first though. (edit: insert about 30 minutes of discussing ways to use that ability, and ramblings about needing lunch)

Here is a great shot of the game in mid-play.  As you can see, the minis are kinda cool, and the tiles are kind bland. That’s OK because they represent the floor and who wants to spend a lot of time staring at the floor when you’re just trying to survive.  One of the things we hate around here is trying to decipher the codes on a tile that are obscured by art. Sector 6 does a great job of making the floor tiles look a lot like… floor tiles. And that’s great. As you build the game area, you’ll see how the pieces really mesh together well.  If you take a close look at the picture to the left, you’ll see how some good thought was put into what the game would look like when fully assembled.  And it looks pretty cool. (edit: Oh yes!)

(inhale) In Sector 6, we really have to be thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead.  And that’s exactly what we want from a game like this, thinking above the game and incorporating potential play by the opponent. Classic and cool at the same time. (exhale)

There’s a lot in the game box.  You can see the by the graphic here that the emphasis is on the variety of corridor tiles.  (inhale) The more tiles, the more ways the game can throw you off, or aide in your strategy.(inhale) You aren’t as dependent on getting that one great tile to seal your victory, or snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (edit: yeah, that’s how he says it, backwards) (exhale)

There are some stretch goals but they are releasing them slowly… we hate that here. (inhale)  (edit: No really, we do) But they are improving the components as well as adding to the game.  So those are good and we’ll forgive the slow rationing of information on the stretch goals. (edit: no, we won’t) (exhale)

The game itself is not expensive and worth every penny.  (inhale) There are a couple of add-ons, and we always loe a cloth to play a game on rather than the potentially sticky table.  Yea! (edit: he really does say that, and usually with some arm waving) (exhale)

There is no question that this is one of those put in the bag and play at a coffee place type game. It’s easy to get into and really easy to understand the whole breathing thing. You should do as we have done and back this game!

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Bonus coverage:

Take a look at this picture here. Take a close look at the two middle pictures.  There’s a guy in green and the same guy again in blue and orange. (edit: our favorite color combo, but we don’t know the guy)

We’re not sure which picture came first, but in the top picture he’s obviously playing and very focused.  In the second picture he looks like he and the guy across from him really aren’t part of the game.  The guy in black has his elbows out, claiming his space and not making room for our guy, not out guy really, and his friend.

It just made me laugh a little…