Preview: Red Scare Redux – a card game

Red Scare: A spy-themed, team-focused, competitive card game where you race to complete high value objectives and conquer your ideological foes.

Hello blog reader:

Our regular reviewer is under the weather and we at the ranch want to keep a cadence going with publishing every Friday morning, so here I am, the post editor, writing my first game Preview for Red Scare. I’m not sure that “I can’t open my eyes to look at the screen” is a good excuse to miss writing a blog post, but I’ll let that slide for now. (Mac: it’s a great excuse).

So here goes nothing…

Game: Red Scare – a competitive card game
Art: yes
Stuff in the box: yes
Gameplay: of course, or it wouldn’t be a game.
Stretch goals: yes

Thank you, back it.

(Mac: I think there needs to be more than that, try again. Gawd, even the layout sucks…)


Hello potential backers:

The supposedly sick person is now telling me I have to write more details about the game to get you to back it. He says his eyes won’t open but yet… (Mac: Not THAT part, skip to the game stuff)

The game is called Red Scare, (Mac: which is NOT the fear of the color) Which is a spy themed card game. While it is a team based game, it appears to play well when the players play as individuals as well. Although a team based spy game sounds like a good target to hit. The game ends when a team, or player, reaches 5 objectives completed. (Mac: The assumption is that if you can figure out the rules, you can count to 5…) It appears that it is possible for a team to trigger the win condition but when all of the objectives are counted,  and NOT win the game. (Mac: Math, just like Facts, is hard for some people)

Art: Yes, it has art (Mac: Oh give me a break, more more more) It has great art! (Mac: no, it doesn’t) It has good art that fits the theme so perfectly that it FEELS like it’s great art. (Mac: ding, ding, ding) When I look at the art through the theme of a dime spy novel, it fits so perfectly it compels me to read more and to get deeper into the game. And I can’t think of a better way to rope me in. (Mac: Rope, rustlers… way to go with keeping with the blog theme) I will say one important thing (Mac: one), I will say some important things here: I love that not all of the art is done. Their reasoning is great, they want to pay their artist a fair wage as part of the campaign. You like what you’ve seen so far? Then back the game because there’s more to come and not at slave wages either, real art costs real money. It’s great to have a good game concept, but art IS important to board games and artists eat! (Mac: I heard 3 squares a day, plus snacks)

The art in Red Scare works and you will love it.

(Mac: Subtle)

What’s in the box? Cards (Mac: ug) Lots of cards. There are 198 cards, I will now list them all with fine detail as to when and how to play these cards… (Mac: edited for content and just plain boring text) The 198 cards detailed here are made up of: 30 objective cards and the rest of the cards are split between the two resources decks, leaving… (Mac: wait for it, he’s a words guy not a numbers guy) 168 cards, but SOME of those cards are Black Ops cards, apparently they’re so secret the designers don’t want you to know how many here are. (Mac: ahuh)

Th game play in Red Scare works and you’ll love it.

(Mac: Oh good lord, make a NEW headline)

The game play in Red Scare is more than functional and you’ll fall in quick infatuation with it.

(Mac: now you’re just playing with me, I need more NyQuil)

As in many standard card games, there are a few actions (Mac: don’t make the game sound like a game they have, we want them to back it) As in a few card games that are not as good as this game, but hold to a fantastic playing standard, there are a few options each turn: You can draw a card from either of the two decks, Objectives or Resources, give a card to a teammate, take a card from… that person, and of course play a card in the game. Playing a card means to try to complete an objective, or to spoil the other teams attempts to complete an objective. You’re just playing with their freaky spy heads now. (Mac: OK, reel it back in a bit) Messing with the other player, or teams, goals is a great way to sidetrack them enough to get your own Objectives completed. What we’d like to see here is a combo cad that at the same time squishes the opponents plans, while at the same moving the playing teams objective completion. (Mac: boyeah, there’s some game play suggestion)

We’re a little (Mac: now he’s got it) disappointed that the rules aren’t downloadable as this game really could benefit from reading them. It’s an assumption that game play rotates from player to player with no team having two players in a row, and maybe there is a skip player card that would really fit to the theme. It’s pretty clear that like games of Munchkin, this game has great potential to trigger the active imaginations of all who are playing it, which makes good games great. Potential is there for some great game nights that you’ll talk about for years. (Mac: dang right)

Stretch goals make me go woah!

(Mac: the monster is loose!)

There are some really cool stretch goals! Remember that the theme of this game is spying and spies. It would be so COOL to have a whole batch of spies that are unique.  Each spy would have it’s own art and of course it’s own backstory. And also, unique Object cards. This will be HUGE for making the game re-playable as well as keeping all of the content fresh. The layers of strategy can be exponential when the cards are unique. Think of the difference between a dice with 6 sides with only 3 numbers, and a D6 with 6 numbers… that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to difference options.

It’s hard to imagine that the next stretch goal actually costs the difference between 15K and 25K in pledges, but that’s what they’re set at. Obviously they needed our spreadsheet (Mac: spreadsheet plug, gawd he’s on a roll) , which they could get here. The spreadsheet helps Kickstarters plan their expenses for game production, as well as keep an eye on things during their campaign.  And it’s free, of course.

They needed it just like we need Mac back to do these dang previews, ug, this was painful.

One more thing, almost forgot, BACK THIS GAME!!!!




You mean after all of that, Mac still gets credit for writing all of this? I need to talk to my agent…