Preview: Last Chip Standing Devil’s Luck

When the chips are down… who called Mr. Chips? I think I have a million chip references (edit: 1.2 million, all but two removed)  For you English readers, there are no fish served with these chips, and for gosh sakes, call them french fries.  (edit: removed rant about same language, different words for the same thing) Now that I have confused you completely about Last Chip Standing, let’s see if I can get you back on track, focused and ready to back it.

This is actually a sequel with some rules changes and additional doodads.  The cool thing, is you can pledge for the new game or the original game or a combo for both! The original game had no Devil in it, but of course, the devil is in the details. The main difference seems to be two dice, the Bandit, and the Horseshoe,  with of course the rules associated with those extra dice. Who wouldn’t want those extra dice? (edit: they’re actually dice FACES, not more physical dice) While this game has a certain amount of luck, (edit: um a lot of luck), there can be some strategy, (edit: did I say there’s a lot of luck? ‘Cause there sure is),  in who you you take the coins from when there are more than 3 players. The rest is all the luck of the dice roll, did I mention that already?

While I am a HUGE fan of strategy games, we all here at the ranch, there is a special place in our hearts for what we often call the chicken games.  That’s not an insult to anyone involved.  We think of them as chicken games because if we need another player, there’s some chickens running around and I’m sure one or two have some free time.  I would suggest this for older chickens though, there’s gambling. I’d also suggest this for kids who are working on math skills or those long past drunk who have lost their math skills. One is educational, the other is pretty funny and they both struggle with counting to three. (edit: Mac is not a big drinker so I um, will have to take his word for it, but I have no doubts)

Winning Last Chip Standing comes down to dice roll results.  There are 6 possible outcomes and all but 1 end up with some chip movement. And really, you’re never out of this game even when you have no chips. You just don’t get to roll dice.  As a matter of fact, when you get low on dice the number of dice you can roll is limited to 1 or 2 if that’s how many chips you have left. Kinda hard to move 3 chips around when you only have 2… I think there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but since this is a beer & pretzels game, I’ll let the reader find it. (edit: or some slog who pulled the short stick and is this weeks editor)

Actually, this might not even be a beer & pretzels game… might just be… beer. (edit: yeah, go with that)

The rules, my order at Starbucks is more complicated, are printed on a single sheet and fit with the theme well. Some care was taken to put you in the mood and keep you there. That’s a requirement for all games we back, even if they’re this new popular genre (edit: it’s trending on Twitter) called Beer games. If your game has a LOT of luck, you better darn well create a fun theme and stick to it.

The contents of the game look very cool. I mean, if you’re going to carry around dice and some chips, best to have a cool box to put it all in. And the dice are RED!

Ok, I admit it, there’s isn’t as much to say about this game as we would say about… a game with rules that WOULDN’T fit on someone’s back, (edit: not mine) as a tattoo. It’s a fun game, simple, easy, great tattoo rules. (edit: no, that’s not trending)

So why are we backing it?

It has that one thing we really like… it’s fun. If you play games to decide who gets to sleep inside on winter nights, maybe you’re taking games a bit too seriously. If you play games to have fun, laugh, and have a good time, back this game.

Of course it has stretch goals… which is kinda like going to Wendy’s for their Dollar Menu and trying to STRETCH a dollar. But they actually do have a couple of cool ones.

The first two are obvious, funding and gold bar chips, the next one is very cool… a magnetic box, basically to match my personality. (edit: not really)

The fourth stretch goal is jumbo dice, (edit: removed “jumbo” joke, you’re all welcome), and I think that’s cool too.

What I’d like to see is a play matt as an add-on. Lots of art possibilities for a matt, and it would be cool to roll dice on a surface that really makes them roll.

Maybe what they REALLY needed… (edit: shameless plug, but hey, it’s our blog!), was our super automated spreadsheet, that you can load into Google Sheets for free. And that you can find right here… no, here.  It helps with all of the nasty numbers that make or break any Kickstarter campaign. And it’s FREE! You can put in all the costs, even if they change when you order more, and handles the unlocking of all stretch goals. (edit: /shameless plug)

Get’r done.

There is one more thing to add, there is a Marshall level pledge and really, it’s nice.

As you can see it comes with a cup with rich corinthian leather, (edit: minus the rich and corinthian) black. And virgin red velvet on the inside. I have no idea how velvet losses it’s virginity, but this hasn’t.  (edit: no idea either)

I can tell you this, using a cup like this night after night, is much better than using your hand. (edit: um, ok)

So do as we have done and back this game, daddy needs his jumbo dice.

UPDATE: All stretch goals have been met… or compressed or something. Any way you look at it, everyone will be getting the cool box and the jumbo dice. So what’s your motivation to back this project?  Because you love games, duh.