Preview: Fortresses and Clans

In this fun 2 player card game, you’ll be a clan leader who will go against the opponent’s fortress!


Have fun storming the castle!!

Not since the days of Max the Miracle Worker has there been a game purely on well, storming the castle or in this case a fortress. (edit: if you don’t get the Max reference, go see Princess Bride and don’t tell your friends, we’d hate to hear how you got laughed at) In Fortresses and Clans you don’t play Prince Humperdink, (edit: again, Princess Bride), you play either a clan leader or the person presently occupying a fortress. While it certainly would be a good strategy to knock first, maybe pretend to be sending a candy-gram for Mongo, (edit: Blazing Saddles, again, don’t admit to anyone you’ve not seen it), that won’t get you inside the fortress and the winner of this game.

The gameplay is really unique and that’s what drew us in initially. Having read the rules, and watched the videos, there really isn’t anything that plays like this game. I’d run through all the rules, but that would be basically repeating the play on the campaign, which seems a waste of your time, and also you can download the rules directly. We think that’s a very cool feature and all games on Kickstarter should do this, even if the rules aren’t final. (edit: maybe ESPECIALLY, if the rules aren’t final) Given the uniqueness of the rules, we expect that it will take a couple of play-throughs to really grasp what is going on.  This game is not a “Beer & Pretzels”, (edit: reference means, a game that’s easy to pick up and play without 100% focus, not a movie reference) game.

So skipping the game play, you really need to dive down that rabbit hole on the campaign page, let’s talk about the art in Fortresses and Clans. The card art is beautiful We really like cards that don’t have a border that hides the edges of the art.  We know WHY game developers do this, (edit: we really do), but we hate the colored border that doesn’t have to do with any gameplay.

This game really calls out for a mat to be included. We love mats, (edit: oh gawd yes we do), and not just because they keep the game clean from all those sticky fingers, but because they help us understand the game that much better. Shame that there doesn’t appear to be one yet. (edit: darn it)

You get a lot of stuff!

The contents, shown here to the left, seem like a big box. There are a lot of cards, and all of the stretch goals add more.  Speaking of that, I wish some of the stretch goals were about the components themselves. There doesn’t seem to be anything about printing on thicker card stock, which is huge, (edit: YUGE) for games that are 100% card based AND expect replay.

There are already two expansions: Here comes the Rain, and Legendary Creatures. The first expansion adds weather. That sounds absolutely fascinating. I’m sure we can all imagine what affect various weather elements would have on any fantasy type battle. Rain alone could change everything. The second expansion is a bit more expected, large creatures could devastate any army either in attack of defense. Both are fairly cheap and you should add them to your pledge for sure.

There’s a lot here to get excited about, which should explain why we’re excited!

You should do as we have done and back this game!