Preview: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

Preview: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

Tasty Minstrel Games presents Seth Jaffee’s newest design “Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done” – in Deluxified™ Format!

I always wanted to be one of the Crusaders.  Not sure why exactly, maybe it was the huge hot armor and uniform, or maybe the helmet with just a single slit for my eyes. (edit: breathing was for the weak) Or maybe the idea of trekking across Europe on horseback in the middle of summer. In any case, the idea of going on some important crusade is appealing and anyone with an once of conspiracy interest, (edit: No, he was not born in Kenya, Donny) loves the Templar’s story.  All that combines together is a great game about the Crusaders, Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.

Crusaders has a unique format in that you’re playing against the other players, but you’re all Templar’s so it looks like a co-op game, but it’s not. And from the video it sounds like the end game isn’t squishing the other players into dust, (edit: darn it), but when you get to a certain pint in the game, the King gets suspicious and disbands the Templar’s. We know that’s right from history and a cool wrinkle to the game.

Each player is playing to build up the Templar’s overall, but each player is a faction within the Templar’s and so you’re building that up at the same time. You can see the co-op and individual play just in that once sentence.  You can build up their influence by making farms, setting up banks and of course, a good ol’battle.  All these things seem to end up placing a color of your faction maker in a given area.  The key difference between factions seems to be their special abilities. It’s good to be special. Obviously if another faction has claimed a region, another faction can’t also claim it because we’re all one happy Templar family. You can’t just go willy nilly claiming regions, that’s where this becomes a strategy game. (edit: You’re welcome).

Preview: Crusaders: Thy Will Be DoneThe art looks really good and the main board seems to be very well done and easy to see the current status of things. They seem to have taken care to avoid the whole red/green issue for color blind folks, even if we do see SOME blue. The markers are clear and it’s easy to tell which faction is owned by each piece. And speaking of pieces, there are a ton.  There seems to be an ongoing argument about plastic over wood, and we love wood but don’t complain about plastic around here, (edit: he doesn’t, the rest of us do) I’m just happy to see that a compromise was reached.

As you can see from the picture, you get a LOT of stuff in the box. Lots of cardboard and apparently some metal coins.  That’ll add some heft to the box for sure.

There are a bunch of stretch goals and that always makes us happy. There is a mix of game play items and component upgrades. There have been two new chapters unlocked and some of the upgrades as well. This seems like a good time to talk about the “Deluxified” format. With better components and box, there is a higher cost. It really comes down to how your enjoyment while playing the game, and while having the box on the shelf. We’re a rag-tag bunch around the ranch so we don’t care much about foil etc.  But when we’re playing fancy like, we dress up and we’d like the game to dress up too. (edit: he owns a tie, I’ve seen it) So certainly an argument could be made for the deluxe version and the cost isn’t THAT much more.

The game has a wonderful feel to it that combines old world history, without changing it or manipulating it to match some game mechanic. We love that!

We really only have 2 questions, which faction left a guy behind to guard the Holy Grail? And…

Why haven’t you back it yet??

Preview: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done