Preview:  We’ve backed this project and it’s still live for you to back.  Read the preview to see why we liked it and then click the big Kickstarter logo to see the games page for their full presentation. If we did a preview, it usually means there’s still time to get in on the campaign as a backer.

Review:  We got the game we backed, played it and let you know our thoughts. We always include a link to purchase, ’cause we’re nice like that.

Play-Through:  Our host, Mac Senour, plays the game with 3 guests. You can get a sense of the game, and if you want to buy a copy for yourself. Check our review for more information and a link to purchase.

Game Rustlers is a seat reservation service geared towards board gamers.  The service can be used for conventions, store events, private game nights and Meetup gatherings.

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